Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Taking a break

So right now I'm taking a little poker break. I didn't cash in either the sunday million or the second chance tourny. So frustrating. I started out doing well in the sunday million. Then, things went to hell. blinds at 400/800, I get JJ in 3rd position, UTG (huge stack, ~60k) limps and I bump it up to 3k with approx 15k in chips. folds to CO who calls 3k. Folds to UTG who makes it 11k. I thought for a good long while but couldn't justify gambling at that point. Also, I was hoping to be in a coin flip. I don't see what hand makes this play without QQKKAA or AK. Was very hard laying it down though because it was the best hand I've seen. Could have been TT or 99 but I think the probability of that is low compared to when he has me dominated. Seeing how I've only invested 1/5 of my stack I folded. So then, a round or two later I pick up AKos in mid-late position. Position 3 min raises to 1600. I then raise to 5600. Folds to original raiser. He goes all in for 9.5k and I call. He has AA. I lose. I'm left with 2700 and have an M of 2. I pick up Q7 next hand and pushed after it was folded to me and got called by AT on the button and lost. I never used to make these types of pushes until I read HoH. It's yet to pay off. Anyway, then I played the 2nd chance and in the 3rd hour got knocked out right b4 the money. I honestly forget how I got knocked out of that tourny and it's too late for me to look for that HH. I remember it was a cooler though. Oh ya...it was a coin flip. I was moved to a table with HUGE stacks that made my little below average stack look tiny. The standard raise with 100/200 blinds was to 1200. I couldn't get a chance to play a pot. When I had KQ i'd raise to 500 (my standard raise) and get moved all in. Then I pick up AA a round later and do the same thing to pick up the blinds. So things weren't going my way. Blinds increased putting me in the middle of the red zone. I found a pocket pair of threes in middle position and pushed and got called by one of the blinds with AT and lost. lol...i completely lost that memory and it just came back to me like that. Anyways, I played some HU and some 3/6 only to lose 500 dollars more. I was so mad and frustrated that I said fuck it! I'm taking a break to reflect. The last time I said that, I didn't follow through. But this time I'm doing it. Going to read a couple of poker books and play my brother poker when I want to play. He doesn't want to play me anymore. He says that he hates me when we play because I always do what he doesn't want me to do and that I can read him to well. lol...but we don't play for money, so it doesn't matter. I'll offer him to play him pot limit omaha, a game I'm not that great at next time i want to play poker. It's a fun game though. Some of you might know, from FCP, that I devised a chart that outlines my goals and my bankroll management. It's a little bit confusing because it's really hard to allign, so I won't copy paste it here. If someone one can leave a comment and tell me how to add a file I'll put my excel file with the chart on here and explain it. GTG right now...btw if you're wondering what book I'm reading now, it's Ace on the River. It's not really a poker book like david sklansky's books are, but it's a good read and I can still learn from it. I'm looking forward to getting this new book on tells which some poster on my poker forum believes is better than mike caro's as well as 'the poker tournament forumula' or something by some dude I don't know. I heard good things about it. But that's all for now. Let me know how to post the excel file here and I'll show it to you. cheers.

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