Thursday, March 15, 2007

Long time, no post

Haven't posted in over a month as you can tell by the title. I don't even know where to start. I'm starting to post again because it helps me not be angry when I'm having rough times. I had exams this last month and so I haven't been posting much. My exams aren't over, I have my stats on the 17th still. I think I'll do fine. I really haven't been concentrating much on doing well in school because I'm just not motivated. I know that I can earn lots more money than a degree could earn me by playing poker, a thing that I love (well..most of the time). But since february, I've made approximately 10k. I'm going to start keeping excel stats to know for sure what I'm making, hourly wage etc. Right now, I've been really lazy this last month and so I havne't started an excel file (I had one but I got a new computer and haven't started it on the new one yet, can't get my old one because my old computer crashed). I really haven't been that productive this last month, and I'm not happy about it. A couple times even, I played when I shouldn't of. I was really tired but I kept playing...and it cost me a couple grand. Even after all this time playing poker, I still find it hard to cope with the swings. This is my biggest priority, to accept the fluctuations and not care about the results, but only care about my playing. It's easier said than done, however. I was playing today with a guy I usually play with, his sn is jhub3000, and he gave me his blog's email address, and I'm going to try to keep my blog like his. His is updated everyother day, if not every single day. He keeps his stats there and I think it's a great idea. Right now, I want to start fresh, in a sense that I want to be more organized about my playing. So far, I just play when I feel because I don't consider myself a full-time professional. It's hard to set a schedule for me because there are things going on. From now on, up until I'm done this semester (which feels like forever) I'm going to plan how much to play the week before. Starting in a couple of days after my stats exam. Also, I want to start planning when i'll move up stakes as I feel I'm playing VERY deep within my bankroll, which is a good thing, but I eventually want to move up in stakes for obvious reasons. I feel as I've been playing in the 100-200 dollar level for so long. God I'm writing this a donkey (jotty1313) called my all in on the turn with a flush draw when I had top pair and caught it! man...sometimes this is very stressful. I'm hoping I can change that. I just get very annoyed and angry when I make a good read and they get lucky. sigh. Anyways, I want to make a plan as to when I'll move up stakes because I feel if I don't have a plan I wont be motivated to do it. My bankroll right now is almost almost 35 thousand and I'm playing 100 and 200 dollar sit and go's. I'm thinking right now that When I get to 50k, I'll move up to 200-300 dollar level 6 person sit and go's and 200 - 500 HU. This just seems like very high stakes right now (500) to me. But I have to get used to that kinda thing. So here's how poker is going. BAD. the last 2 days i'm down 1500 in total. Just nothing, and I mean NOTHING is going my way. KKvsAA, set over set, made hand < crappy draw, and just extremely frustrating. My av. dollar/sit and go dropped over the last 2 days, from 12 to 11. Pretty disgusting. But I'm starting fresh tomrrow. As for now I'm going to go watch some PAD (Poker after dark) and then sleep so I can wake up refreshed tomorrow to study for stats. I think I'll finish studying after like 3 hours of studying, because I'm a slacker. At least I'm honest. As I said my grades don't matter to me because after this semester I'm not going back to school. The reason I'm finishing it is in case in the future I do want to get a degree, I'll have one less year. Anyways, I'm out.

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