Friday, March 16, 2007

lots of hours, no profit

I've played approximately 7 hours today (after I studied for my stats for about ... um...1.5 I'm going to need to suck out on that exam). I was 4-tabling the 6 man sit and go's. The 110+9 and the 72+6 because the 110+9 weren't filling up well. It started off being evenish and a little bit into it I was down about 800 dollars. OUCH. I just couldn't get anything to work for me at all. I felt like there was nothing I could do. My KK running into AA, one time I sucked out. My AJs getting beat by a 82s that CALLS my all in. What a donkey play. Raises UTG I move over the top with my short stack all in for 600, and he calls 480 more. Anyways, needless to say, he wins. I just kept getting shanked today. I'm starting to reconsider 4-tabling 6-man sit and go's and instead playing HU. I'm used to HU and I feel very comfortable playing it. The only problem is that I can't multi-table HU. I tried, I'm WAY less profitable. I'm really good at getting tells by the speed it takes ppl to act, and so when I multi-table I lose that advantage, which is huge for me. Anyways. After being down 855 at my lowest today, I played a 5400 FPP satelite and got a seat into the sunday million. I took the tourny dollars instead and took a shot at the 6-man 200 dollar sit and go and bubbled. I've been playing solid tight, not making many moves, but every time I make a move it seems someone wakes up with a big hand. So again, I was down the same amount. I switched and played some HU. I played 7 HU of which I won 6. I lost a 200 one but won 3 other 200 ones. So then I decided to play another 6 person. Lost again. I play the 6 persons much better when I don't 4 table, which is a bad thing as I want to learn to multi-table. I was getting shanked a lot though. But I'm not going to start telling bad beat stories. Anyway, here are the stats for today.

6-man sit and go's - - $969.00
FPP tourny - +$215.00
HU - +$675.00
Today's Net Profit - -$79.00

I was playing such good HU, I was liderally playing flawlessly. Even though i can't multi-table HU, I think it might be more profitable than 4-tabling the 6 man sit and go's because I feel like I have such an edge on anyone I play. I feel as I'm the best HU player. Not bragging...well yes I am. I'm just being honest though. I think my biggest strength is HU. Biggest weakness is probably cash games. I need to learn how to adjust from a tournament structure. I still win money in the long run but I'm way less profitable in cash games than in sit and go's. Man..I'm getting off track...I'm done for now. Gonna watch PAD and then go to sleep and write my exam in 10 hours (uh oh!). Later.

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