Thursday, January 25, 2007

Worst day of my life

Wow...what a shitty day. I'm down $1195. That's one of the biggest amounts I've ever been down in a day and it feels like complete shit. I was playing well but nothing was working out my way. Lost several hundred on QQ vs. AK prelfop all ins and a bunch of other crap. I'm feeling so down right now because I just bounced back from a 4k down streak and now losing that much in one day feels so damn depressing. It's so fricken hard to keep my cool because I feel like I have steam coming out of my fricken ears. It's moments like these that I wonder why I want to play professionally. Although I know I'll bounce back right now I feel like ... ugh...i don't even know what. Look at my f***ing sharkscope! my ROI dropped to 12%. It used to be 17% when I was about 1100 games in. Now that's just sickening. Gonna go get high and watch a movie and try to forget about this whole day...

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