Monday, January 29, 2007

January 29, 2007

I haven't posted in 4 days so here is what's up. I played a little bit of poker but not too much. I won about 700ish since the 25th but really spend most of my time studying (ya right...), and reflecting on poker. I needed a little break. And I feel good that I got one. I read 1/4 of HoH II(harrington on holdem II) and it's a really good book. There are a couple flaws that I've noticed. Do you guys know what the isolation play is? An aggressive person in middle position raises, someone calls behind, and you're in the SB or BB and you move all in. Anyways, he suggests that this play should be done only when you have rags. Anyone see a problem??! Yup. I do. Everytime you do that play (if you only do it with rags) you become so easy tor read! You have to be unpredictable and mix in some good hands as well. Raise the same way with AA, otherwise, this play wont work. So that's the main flaw I found in his book but other than that, it's a great read so far. And I love how he has a bunch of situations where you get to analyze your moves and choose your moves and compare it to what he says. It's good, if you don't have that book I highly recommend you get it. Anyways, I'm not going to post many hands because I haven't played all that much. I'm going to try to teach you about table talking online. I was playing this 100 HU game and have been very honest with this guy because he was very easy to play against. I won most of the hands and luckily all the ones that I bet and showed down, I had at least a pair. And I was honest with him telling him that I don't lie, and to prove it I've shown him a couple hands when I raise and he folds to get his trust. This is all a set up. Then....I get 92 off suit on the button (I have 2200 chips to his 800 chips with blinds at 25/50) I bump it up to 125. He calls. A side not, I wasn't very active lately and so expected him to fold. But I don't mind a call because If I miss I'll bet and take down the pot likely. Anyways, the flop comes down 2 2 4 rainbow. BEAUTY. He checks, I check. K comes on the turn, he bets 100 I call. 10 comes on the river (no possible flushes), he bets 50, I insta move all in and I type "I gotta bluff sometime ;)" .... He types back "you lying?"....I respond..."its possible". He types, "I hit my K", I respond, "You call, you 2bl up, but you wont call". 2 seconds later...he calls. GG.

To be fair, I'll share a mistake I've made today as well. I'm playing in this juicy cash game (6handed, $1/2) and I haven't been active on the button. I've been tight/agressive and I've only shown down good hands. What does this mean? I can play bad hands. So on the button I pick up 8 6 of spades. I bump it up to 6 dollars, my normal raise. BB calls. Flop comes down K103 2 spades. He checks, I check. A of spades comes on the turn, he checks, I check (this is a very interesting play that I started implementing. Yes, I am afraid of a spade to come on the river, but...if it does he wont bet that much if he has a higher spade because he'd think I can't call. And if no spade comes on the river, I can make a big bet and he wont put me on a flush because I checked the flop (most palyers bet flush draws), and I checked the turn). A blank comes on the river and he bets out 12$ (pot bet) I bump it up to 44 and he think for 1 sec and moves all in. That's where I should've folded. It's either a bluff or a higher flush. Because a hand worse than mine would just call me. Unfortuantely I called and I lost $200 to his Q high flush. It's a lesson, think before you act. I called really quickly without much thought to it. If I analyzed the situation before acting, I could've saved myself $135. Live and Learn.

Unfortunately, I wont be able to play too much poker in the upcoming month. I haven't been to school for like 1 month now and haven't opened a book and I need to get ready for my mid terms. So I wont have as much time as I'd like to play. But fortunately, I don't need money right now because I have a bunch saved up in my account. The only problem is that I want to get a car and I promised myself that once I get $50k saved up, I'll buy myself a car. So far I have about $27k saved. Already had 32k saved but Went on a bad streak and bought a big screen TV and a new computer to make myself feel better..LOL..

What else do I have to say? Oh and my brother had the CRAZIEST HU poker games ever. More complex than the WPT or any poker I've seen on TV. It was so complex. I was playing so well but I couldn't of won because of the situations. But here is how the thought process went. "I know that he's expecting me to expect him to bet if he hit the turn, but I know he knows that I know that. Therefore, He'd do the opposite......etcetc...That was just random but that's how complex we were thinking. It was the most interesting HU game I've ever played. I lost but that's ok. We play each other to learn and for pride. Man...if only that HU game was televised. Like...I had a middle pair when I called his all in (blinds were big)...Here is how it went...I have 96...He limps I check. Flop comes 910K, I check he checks, 2 on the turn. I check he bets pot size, at this point my analysis goes as follows. I know he bets 10 on flop or K on flop. I put him on either a 2 or a bluff. I moved in and he called with 9 2. DUH! the only non bluffing hand that makes sense. I checked to trick him into thinking that I don't have a pair, and he did the same thing to me. People who play poker will probably not realize how much of a cooler this hand actually was. My brother and I were discussing it and concluded that we both played it right and there's nothing we could have done differently. We started a poker league between the 2 of us. It's not for real money. $5 a game (we don't like to play each other for money because we don't feel right winning 100 off a brother). So far it's 2-2 and I'm chip leader in the current game. Approximately 2:1.

I believe that is all I have to say right now. GG

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degenerate said...

Hey, I found your blog and I'd like to talk about a couple of the hands you played. Oh and you should check out my blog. I'm more of a low stakes player with some high stakes dreams. Anyway the first hand where you were heads up and you had the 92 I don't really see a point in raising pre flop here. You're risking 125 to win 75. It seems like if it was me I would rather just call there. After the flop if you normaly CB then it seems strange if you just check when you hit your set. Though if you sometimes check when you have it and when you don't it seems fine to me. I'd also like to discuss the hand with the 8-6 suited. On the button I'd normaly just limp. Most of the time you aren't going to be able to steal the pot even, if you do you are risking 6 to win 3. Another thing is I don't like to make a big pot with a trashy 1 gap suited connectors. Also, if you are trying to steal (pre flop) I don't understand why you would just check on the flop It seems like you would cb. When it comes to the river there I would like to think I would have just called. Most of the time when someone bets on the river they have a had. If it's a bluff then there is no need to raise cause you aren't going to be able to get any more value out of your hand. Basically The only hands that could call your raise on the river is 2 pair a set, or a better flush. You have to remember you raised pre flop and it is unlikely that someone is calling your raise with a 45- or some other suited conector in which you'll have there flush beat. SO basically they have to have a higher flush or are just over playing 2 pair or a set.