Thursday, January 25, 2007

January 25, 2007

It's not 8:23 and this day has been a roller coaster. At one point I was down 520 bucks. Here are the stats for today.

100+9 tournament 99/249 9K suited from late position. I raise to 600 (my stack is 5k and the BB's stack is 7k while blinds are 100/200) BB calls. Flop 935 rainbow...He has 33 and I go broke.

105+9 5/9 -$114.00

210+15 5/9 -$225.00

3600FPP 1/9 $530.00

HU: 4W 5L....nothing working out my way HU...lots of bad beats.

As of now I'm down $103....I'm going to play the nightly Hundred hopefully things go my way...I could really use a big score...wish me luck....GTG

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